Decisions, Decisions is the eighty-second chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on March 22, 2016.


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Zak's POV

Sarah’s into her second trimester now. She was showing and was doing whatever she could to not let it effect her too much.

My family and I were hanging out and chatting with each other when Sarah came in.

“Hey, guys,” she greeted.

“Hey,” we greeted back.

“Hi,” I said, then gave her a kiss and rubbed her belly. “How’s she doing?”

“She’s doing fine and so am I,” Sarah replied. “The doctor was finally able to confirm that she’s a she.”


“I know. But I didn’t come here to tell you that. I came here to talk to you and your family about something.”

“Ok. What?”

“Well, my parents are wondering about the living arrangements for our daughter, like how you and I are going to take turns with her.”

“Oh. Do you have a plan in mind?”

“Actually, yes, I do. And that’s why I need you all here.”

“Ok,” I said. “What is it?”

Sarah was walking around awkwardly. “Well, since you and I are not even sixteen yet—Well, you are. I won’t be for a few more weeks. But anyway, we’re not old enough to live in our own house yet, and I think we should raise our daughter together in one household so that she can have us both everyday without needing to go back and forth.”

“Ok. I think we should too, but what are you saying?”

“I’m saying—or asking, really—if I can move in with you guys.”

I smiled. “I’d love for you to. Mom? Dad? Can she?”

My parents looked at each other for a moment, then turned back to us.

“Well, we do believe that it would be best for you two to raise your daughter together under one roof,” Mom said.

“So, yes,” Dad said. “Sarah, you can move in with us.”

“Yes!” I cheered.

Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon agreed.

Sarah smiled, then she clutched her stomach.

“Whoa,” I said. “Are you alright? Is she ok?”

“Yes,” Sarah replied. “She’s just excited that we’ll be living together from now on.”

“Uh, yeah,” Doyle said. “When she arrives, try not to have another one while you’re here.”

Sarah and I glared at him.

“Come on, Sarah,” I said. “Let’s get you settled in.”

That didn’t take long. Sort of.

Sarah’s POV

Zak suggested that we do it the old-fashioned way without using my powers. For packing, anyway. But not everyone was happy that I was moving in with him and his family. Well, no one was, but one person in particular really didn’t like it.

“What are you doing, Sarah?” Emily asked.

She was now five years old, and cute as a button, though I don’t really understand that phrase since buttons aren’t cute. She could run to her heart’s content, and she loved being chased, especially playing hide-and-seek, which she was really good at, being as small as she is. She actually looked very similar to my daughter when Zak and I had seen her a few times over the years, but her features were slightly different from hers.

“I’m packing,” I replied to her.


“So that I can move in with Zak.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Umm, sort of.”

“But why? Don’t you love us anymore?”

“Of course I do. I love you all. You, especially. But Zak and I want to raise our daughter together in one house. Don’t you want me to be happy?”

“Yes. But not if you have to leave.”

“Well, don’t you wanna be an aunt?”

“I thought I did, but not anymore.”

“Oh, come on. You don’t mean that.”

“Yes, I do. I don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

Emily stomped her foot. “No!” She turned to Zak. “I hate you! I wish you and Sarah never met.”

She ran away, crying.

I had my own tears. I turned to Zak. “I’m sorry. I know she didn’t mean it. She just—”

He held up his hand. “I know, and it’s ok, Sarah. But you should go talk to her.”

I nodded and went off to find my sister.

She was with Mom in her room, crying in her arms.

“Emily,” I called.

She looked at me, then scowled and turned away.

I cried.

Mom beckoned me to try.

“Emily, I know you’re mad,” I said. “I get it. But you don’t have to be.”

“But you’re leaving,” she said.

“I know. But you’ll still see me everyday. Just not as much.”

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I know. But these things happen sometimes where you just have to let go. Can you do that for me? Be strong and brave and let go?”

She pondered it. “I’ll see you everyday?”

“Everyday,” I agreed.


“I promise.”

“Cross your heart and hope to die?”

I smiled. “Yes.”

“Say it.”

“I promise across my heart and hope to die.”

“Ok. I’ll hold you to that.”

I laughed. “I’m sure you will.”

Emily stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I love you, Sarah.”

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. “I love you too. Now, do you still hate Zak and wish that I never met him?”

“A little, ’cause you’re still leaving with him, but not as much.”

“Then do you think you can apologize to him? For me?”

“I guess.”

Emily got off of Mom’s lap, who was smiling at the moment we just had, and she and I left the room together, holding hands.

Zak was still packing my stuff when I came back.

“Hey,” he said when he saw me. “What happened?”

“See for yourself,” I replied.

Emily came into the room. She actually ran to him and hugged his leg.

“I’m sorry, Zak,” she told him. “I don’t hate you.”

“I know you don’t,” he said. “I would also be mad if someone tried to take Sarah from me too.”

“Then why are you doing it?”

“I’m not. Sarah is.”

“Oh, don’t you dare turn this back on me,” I said.

Emily laughed. “Well, can you promise that you will take good care of her for me?”

“Haven’t I always?”

“Yes. But can you do it more now?”

“I promise if my life depended on it,” Zak replied.

“And for my niece?”

“Of course. Definitely.

“Good. ’Cause it will.”

Zak bent down so they could hug each other.

It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

“Aww,” I said. “Hold that pose for a moment.”

I grabbed my phone and took a picture of them.

Best picture I’ve ever taken.

After their hug, we finished packing my stuff and I said goodbye to my family, leaving Emily for last.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said. “Ok?”

“Ok,” she said.

“And, hey, you can probably go over there with me a lot more and hang out with Doyle. Would you like that?”

Her eyes widened, and so did her smile. “Yes! Yes!”

She tackled me in a hug. I laughed and hugged her back.

I don’t really understand why, but for the past few years, she’s grown to really like Doyle. I think she sees him as her second-father for reasons I’m not sure, even more than Nick. I think it’s mainly because my mom had brought her with her a few times when she was helping Doyle look for Argost for us, and they may have bonded a little bit through that.

Then Zak and I headed off to his house.

We got my stuff set up in his room, and after we were done, I felt right at home.

Over the next few months, Zak and I prepared our daughter’s room right next to ours with a crib, changing table, everything. We also got her some accessories, like clothing, stuffed animals (mine mostly, and some of Zak’s, like his unicorn), and diapers. Yeah, we have more of those for her than anything else.

Now all there’s left to do is wait until she comes out of me.

The last few weeks past and it was finally time.

Zak and I were with Zack, Selena, and Emily in the park near the river when my water suddenly broke and I felt a lot of pain, which was weird since Selena hadn’t given birth yet and she got pregnant before I did, and my due date wasn’t for another week. But, apparently, it was now.

I’m glad Zak was there, and he wasn’t going all crazy like I thought he would be, but he was being calm, more than I was, and helping me. God, did it hurt so damn much.

Zack ran off to get our parents, while Zak, Selena, and Emily tried to help me back to my parents house, and we headed to the hospital.

It was time. It was finally time. Today would be the day that Zak and I finally became parents.

Their daughter's finally going to be born. She's finally going to exist. What do you guys think her name's going to be? Aww, and those cute little moments between Sarah and Emily, and her and Zak.

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