The Cryptid Trinity were a recent discovery by the Secret Scientists and V.V. Argost four years following the end of the Season 2, along with Kur two other sibling Cryptid (Abzu and Ma) ruled over the entirety of the Cryptid species before being hunted down and eventually killed by Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Ninsun.

The Trinity


The most commonly known of the Trinity and was the Draconic ruler of the Skies, it's myth was harmonious with the Christian Apocalypse Beast called Ziz, Kur was slain by Gilgamesh and a number of Wyverns. It is currently reborn as Zak Saturday, and set the stage for the resurrection of the rest of the Trinity, and the events that followed.




  • In Sumerian mythology, Kur is the void space or air, Abzu is the primordial sea and Ma is the Earth.
  • The Cryptid Trinity are Sumerian equivalent of the Christian Apocalyptic beasts: Ziz (Air/Kur), Leviathan (Sea/Abzu) and Behemoth (Earth/Ma).