A New House is the eighty-sixth chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on March 26, 2016.


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Sarah's POV

Well, I’m eighteen now and so was Zak. Jasmine was almost two.

I graduated high school a couple months ago, and I am not going to college, mostly because of Jasmine, but also because I don’t really need to since I already have my recording deal, though, it has been kind of slow lately. Dad doesn’t like it, but too bad. Mom doesn’t care, especially since she didn’t go to college herself.

I was looking for Zak and I found him playing with Jasmine in the living room.

“Zak, can I talk to you for a moment?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied. “I’ll be right back, ok?”

“Ok,” Jasmine said, playing with two of her stuffed animals.

Zak and I sat down together on the couch.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Well, you and I are now eighteen,” I started.

“Ok. I’m with you so far.”

“We’re now old enough to own our own house. Can we do that?”

“Live in our own house? Sure. Whatever you want.”


“Of course, Sarah. I love you, and I’ll do anything for you. But where do you want to live?”

“I’ve been looking at listings for houses near my old home with my parents and found a few that are for sale in that neighborhood.”

“You want to live near your parents?” Zak asked.

I nodded. “Yes. It’ll be easier for me to see Emily everyday like I promised her, and she can come see us too without having to call first.”

“And what about my parents and the rest of my family?”

“You know I love them too, especially Jasmine. But your family’s been getting around well since before you were born. Not everyone in my family can travel that easily, and it always feels one-sided. I want to make it easier for them.”

“Ok. When do you want to look at the houses?”



“Yes. And I can get a realtor in just a few minutes.”

“Ok. Let’s go then. Come on, Jasmine. We’re going house hunting.”

“Ok,” she replied.

He picked her up and we went on our way.

Zack and Selena joined us on the house tour, because they were also looking for a house and they brought Peter and Emily along.

We went to a few houses in the neighborhood and they were nice. We were at another that was just a few houses down from Mom and Dad’s house, and might I say, it looked exactly like their house, except smaller since our powers haven’t worked on it yet. But that’s not the only reason why I recognized it.

“I’ll give you guys a few minutes,” the realtor said.

“Ok,” I replied. “Thank you.”

The house was completely empty. No furniture was left behind from the current owners. They must’ve really wanted to leave this place behind and get rid of it fast. The price of it was close to a third less than the other houses up for sale. We all looked around and liked it. Obviously, since it reminded me and Zack of home, which was just up the hill.

“Well, I guess we’ll be fighting for this one,” Zack said.

“No,” I said. “You guys should have it.”

“Why?” Selena asked.

“Because you should.”

“Mommy, I like this house,” Jasmine said.

“I know. So do I. But your Uncle Zack and Aunt Selena need to have it.”

Need to have it?” Zack asked. “Why do we need to have it? Is there a bomb in here with our name on it?”

Peter laughed. “That would be cool. Is there?”

“No,” I replied.

“Then why, Sarah?” Selena asked.

“Because, the dream I had when I was in my coma, you two were living in this exact house together with Peter and—” I stopped myself.

“And who else?” Zack asked.

“Another child of yours. But I’m not going to tell you if it’s a boy or girl, or it’s name. Though I doubt you’ll name it that now.”

“Sarah, that was a dream. Some things may have come true from that dream, but I don’t think everything will. Like, the demigods? Do you really think people like that will come true?”


“See. Now, I know that Jasmine likes this house, and I can tell you do too. You guys can take this house and Selena and I will take another house that we liked. Ok?”

“I’m in,” Selena said.

I looked at Zak. “Do you like this house?”

“If you do, I do,” he replied.


“Ok then. I guess we’re getting this house.”

“Yay,” Jasmine said.

Emily cheered.

I smiled at them and our new house.

A week later, Zak, Jasmine, and I were all packed up and ready to move into our new home. We’ve also decided to take Fiskerton and Komodo with us, which Jasmine was very excited about. Zon wanted to stay with Zak’s family because she felt more safe here than there.

We were saying our goodbyes when Drew told us a surprise.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.

“You are?” Zak asked.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh my gosh,” I said. “Congratulations. I thought you two were going to have her a lot sooner, but I guess now is as good a time as any.”

“She?” Doc asked.

“Uh, yes. I know you’re going to have a girl and even what her name is going to be. But I’m not going to tell you what it is.”

“How do you know?” Doyle asked. “Can you see the future?”

“Well, no. At least, I haven’t tried. But I had a dream a few years ago with Zak having a little sister. That’s how I know.”

“Well, we’ll see if it comes true,” Drew said. “And sorry for dropping this on you at the last minute.”

“It’s ok, Mom,” Zak said. “And congrats.”

He gave her a hug.

“Yes,” I said. “You two did a fine job raising him.”

“That we did,” Drew agreed.

We said our final goodbyes and headed to our new home.

Aww. They grow up so fast, don't they? Lol. And now Zak's getting a sibling.

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